The Advantages and Disadvantages of Left Hand Drive Cars in UK



There are many advantages to having a left hand drive car. will explain the advantages and disadvantages of having a left-hand drive. It is important to understand that there are always pros and cons of owning a vehicle, no matter which vehicle it is and hopefully this article will help you in determining How To Sell a lhd or Why to sell at the least. There are many advantages to owning a left hand drive vehicle and you are considering buying a vehicle with a manual transmission you should read on  about the advantages and disadvantages of left hand drives. You will find that there are many disadvantages and advantages of driving a left hand drive vehicle. Before buying a car always consider all of the pros and cons.

The biggest advantage to owning left hand drive cars is the research that proves that left hand drives have a lower accident rate than right hand drive cars. In 1969 J J Leeming conducted this study and proved the facts of the accident rates to the general public


It also depends on the country you wish to drive the vehicle, such as European countries drive on the right side of the road but the cars are left hand drives, or, in the UK we drive on the left hand side of the road but the car steering wheel is situated on the right hand seat or the car. There are genuine safety reasons for driving on the left. Driving on the left is correct for right handed people which is most of the drivers in the UK. When changing gear in a UK car with the steering wheel on the right , your left hand changes gear and your right hand stays on the steering wheel.-- this is safer( for right handed people.) The reverse is the case in countries where one must drive on the right.--

Another big advantage of owning a left hand drive in the UK is that it will sell for a higher price than a right hand drive (due to the rarity of the lhd vehicles). We all know that anything that falls under ‘rare’ or discontinued or collectors is always worth way more. We’ve seen LHD cars sell for more than £1000 more than a RHD.



One issue is that the car will be much harder to drive on the right hand sided traffic laws of the UK, getting use to this manoeuvrability is key to driving a left hand drive car in a right hand drive country. The fact that you must learn how to manoeuvre the vehicle You must be careful to avoid accidents and faults.

When buying a left hand drive, always be prepared to pay more for the vehicle and the insurance, remember what we said earlier about ‘’rarity’’? well, that’s the same case with insurance companies, when a vehicle is in any way ‘Modified’ to not meet the countries laws of driving, the insurance will be way more because the risk is more.


The final disadvantage to left hand drive cars is that they are less fuel efficient. There is less space and the driver has to be more careful when manoeuvring the vehicle. However, this can be very affordable if you purchase a car that has a more efficient engine. The advantages of owning left hand drive cars are well documented. There are many reasons for people to choose to own a left hand drive vehicle. If you decide to purchase a car with this configuration, you will find that there are many advantages to owning one.

Conclusion: trust in the Left Hand Drives company and contact us today if you have any queries or looking to value your left hand drive. Our friendly team will always advise correctly and let you know bluntly if lhd is for you or not.