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Left hand drive car buyers Italy

We are all familiar with Italian cars and Italian driving. The country is known for its love of stylish cars and the freedom that comes with driving. Due to public transportation being erratic outside of the cities, anyone purchasing a property in the Italian countryside will find a vehicle essential. As a result, this article will explain how to bring your own car, how to buy one here, how to obtain insurance, to change your driver's license, to take a driving test, and whatever else you might need to know. We buy all left hand drive cars

It is necessary to be a resident of Italy before you can purchase a car, and for this reason many people choose to drive their own cars down from the United Kingdom. By doing so, they will save money on rental cars as well as be able to load the car with personal effects, pets, and tea bags. if you are in UK, spain, france, germany, italy , Portugal or any other western europe country, please feel free to give us a call or fill out the same day valuation form to speak to a representative. Scotland lhd cars and wales left hand drive car owners are also welcome to contact our team for help in selling the lhd car.


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Left hand drive car buyers Italy left hand drives plc


silver color Left hand drive car buyers in Italy

Are you interested in retiring to France, Spain, or Italy? Are you seeking a life of sunshine in the Costa del Sol and consider immigrating abroad permanently? You should get yourself a left-hand drive car as soon as you can in order to get around. If you do not speak the language, how can you ensure that you get the best possible deal when buying a new left hand drive car. Fortunately, at Left hand drives Plc we have been providing left hand drive cars to our customers for nearly 50 years. We have assisted our customers in finding the perfect car for their vacation villas and European properties, whether it be a Porsche 911 or a Ferrari Scuderia.

Italy left hand drive car owners can sell there cars in uk

You must register your car if you wish to keep it in Italy. You must inform the Motorizzazione Civile office and the PRA  within six months of your vehicle's arrival. Public Assistance Program is administered by the Italian Automobile Club, which maintains Public Assistance offices in the majority of major towns and cities. For assistance with filling out the application forms, this is the best place to turn to. The official list of ACI offices can be found online.

yellow color Sell left hand drive car in Italy

The process of registering your UK car is more difficult than purchasing an Italian car. On the whole, it is best to drive a left-hand-drive car on Italian roads, since you will be driving on the right. Whether you opt for a new or used vehicle, it is important to buy from a local garage that other ex-pats have recommended. You will be guided through the paperwork by a good garage. If you experience any problems, having them close by can be useful for any after-sales service that may be necessary.

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