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We buy left hand drive cars

We Buy Any LHD is a family-operated business in Great Missenden, is the number one spot in Buckinghamshire to buy new and used cars. Our team has been serving the local region for over 30 years, so it’s not just Chesham that benefits from our new and used cars.

Some people say: ‘I want to sell my LHD,’ or ‘I need Left Hand Drive buyers’. Considering we’re left hand drive auto buyers in the UK, we cover pretty much everywhere.

We buy left hand drive cars in Europe

We’ll buy your LHD car and you won’t have to deal with people not showing up for appointments, time-wasters showing up at the door, or your car getting damaged on a test drive. This can be very expensive and requiring private advertising, as well as being difficult to swiftly sell. You can rely on us to buy any vehicle, regardless of its model, age or condition. We will buy cars damaged or non-running, petrol or diesel, high or low mileage, private or fleet, then we will buy your car.

We buy left hand drive cars in UK

How to drive a car in left-hand drive in the UK?

Additionally to the insurance and import documentation, there are a number of practical factors to consider when driving an LHD vehicle in the UK:

  • Overtaking — Seeing oncoming traffic is easy when you’re overtaking in a conventional RHD car. The field of view in a left-hand drive car is significantly reduced. You can safely overtake another car if you keep a safe distance from it, which will make it easier to see what’s coming.
  • Headlamps — It is essential to make sure your LHD import’s headlamps are properly adapted so they do not dazzle oncoming traffic. You shouldn’t have to spend a lot of money on this. Your business could be fined if you do not make the changes.
  • Speed in mph — Your car’s speed is measured in kilometers, not in miles per hour if it comes from the EU. Make sure you are familiar with the UK equivalents of them (for example, 64kph = roughly 40mph).
  • Lane control — In the left lane, driving an LHD car may be disorienting, and you may drift from your lane.
  • Drive-throughs — It can be awkward and inconvenient if you drive a left-hand drive car to machines and drive-throughs in the UK. It’s relatively easy to move around with a passenger, but if you don’t have one, you’ll just need a grabber or a few patient drivers to follow you.

When I buy a used left-hand car in the UK, how should I proceed?

Right-hand drive cars in the UK should sell the same as left-hand drive cars. You’ll also need all the correct paperwork to hand on to the new owner if you choose to sell it privately. Be sure to mention in your ad that it’s a left-hand drive vehicle.

You can also find LHD car dealers who buy and sell LHD cars. In addition to dealing with all the documentation on your behalf, this may be the simpler choice. Don’t forget that you may get a much better return on your car if you sell it privately than to a dealer.

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