We buy left hand drive cars UK

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We buy left hand drive cars UK

Our company is dedicated exclusively to buying left-hand drive vehicles. As a specialist organization, we purchase and re-market bespoke English, Spanish, and all LHD vehicles priced between 500 and 50,000 Euros. As a family-based business, we have 25 years of experience importing and exporting international products, and we offer personalized, transparent services you can rely on.

Our team of experts will provide an accurate valuation of your vehicle and assist you in transferring or deregistering your vehicle. Both left hand and right hand drive vehicles will be welcomed, and a quick, easy, and secure payment service is available.

What services do we provide?

  • Registering, transferring, and de-registering your vehicle
  • Vehicles collected from customers’ addresses in the UK or Spain
  • Purchases made throughout the Balearic Islands
  • Consideration is given to light commercial vehicles
  • Secure, fast, and free of fraud, etc.

How do we buy left hand drive cars UK?

Left-hand drive vehicles in England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales are welcomed by our company. We are able to pick up your vehicle in any location, including a city, town, or village. We travel frequently to mainland Europe in order to buy left-hand drive vehicles from our customers; we have decades of experience with legal documentation from different countries regarding the transfer of ownership of vehicles.

Our experienced drivers have years of experience driving all across Europe, so we’ll fly into any European airport and make our way there, it’s that simple.

Customer service/after-sales

In order to succeed, we place our customers first. We listen to their needs and understand them. We understand that our customers live busy lives outside of work and at home. Therefore, we work with your schedule. It is possible to view and collect data at any time and from any location, including home or work. Please do not hesitate to contact me if Sunday is your only availability.

Moreover, we view and collect vehicles on Sundays, so we truly understand what our customers need. Please understand that you, our customers, are our first priority.

Do you plan on selling your LHD vehicle because you have moved back to the United Kingdom? If so, I would love to purchase your car.

Can you share with me your experience with being offered a Left Hand Drive (LHD) car as a part exchange? It will be my pleasure to provide you with an under-write.

I am always interested in left hand drive (LHD) vehicles with UK, Spanish or French registration plates.

We work with a Spanish SL company that transfers a car you are selling out of your name right away, so you are not subject to ongoing SUMA (road taxes) or someone else’s fines.

To receive a quote, please fill out the form opposite or contact me by telephone at +447398459523.

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