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Left hand drive car buyers Scotland

You can sell any left-hand drive car to us, anywhere in England, Scotland, Ireland, or Wales. We will pick up your car from any location at any time. On a regular basis, we travel to mainland Europe to buy left-hand drive cars from our customers, and we have extensive experience with the necessary legal documentation from the various countries involved in the exchange of ownership.

In Scotland, there is not a large market for LHD cars from Europe (although there is a small market for US cars). I assume that you own a standard European car that is registered in the EU (otherwise, some of the following may not be applicable).

Your car will not be purchased by most dealerships since they will not be able to resell it:

It must be properly imported. Therefore, it needs to be modified to pass an MOT test, as well as go through a lot of paperwork, which is costly.

The drivers on our team are well experienced and have driven all over Europe for many years; we simply fly into any of the airports across Europe and make our way to your location, it is that easy.

The car will not be able to be sold, since European LHD cars do not have much of a market.

As a general rule, their insurance does not cover RHD cars.


Handling of registration, transfer and de-registering of your vehicle

Vehicles collected from customers address in the UK or European

Purchases throughout the Balearics

Light Commercial vehicles considered

Secure and fast payment methods to suit you

Left hand drive car buyers Scotland left hand drives plc

You can do the following:

Consider advertising the event online. Someone might be interested in purchasing it (usually for parts, however)

It may be possible to sell it as parts at a scrapyard, as most parts from an LHD car are still usable on an RHD car. A lot of used Ford parts in Hungary are actually salvaged from scrapped Scotlandcars. (I know a lot of used Ford parts in Hungary come from recycled Scotland cars.) This may be an option if your car is common enough so that it has a market for parts.

Sell the car in your home country and use the proceeds to purchase an RHD car in Scotland. if you are in UK, spain, france, germany, italy or any other western europe country, please feel free to give us a call or fill out the same day valuation form to speak to a representative. Scotland lhd cars and wales left hand drive car owners are also welcome to contact our team for help in selling the lhd car.

Scotland left hand drive car owners can sell there cars in uk

You can use it in Scotland, provided that it's registered with DVLA. In most cases, the only modification you need is to turn the headlights from right to left, and the car will pass MOT (provided it is in good condition and passes MOT on its own). If you plan to use it as a learner's car (yes, it needs to measure the speed in mph, even if it is not RHD), you should also purchase a speedometer that measures the speed in miles, but that's not mandatory. It is not difficult to drive an LHD in Scotland (personally I have no problem driving an RHD car, as the gear shift and rear mirror are located on the opposite side)

Please feel free to contact us if you cannot find a suitable used LHD car on our stocklist - we can easily obtain it from our contacts in Europe (usually within 7-10 days).

You can also check to Sell left hand drive cars in Wales.

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