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Left hand drive car buyers Portugal

In the UK, there are cars registered in Portugal

In PORTUGAL, the second-hand car market is extremely limited and expensive like many other countries in south-eastern Europe.

As the authorities in Portugal tend to promote their local dealers, imported cars come with very high taxation, unless they have no CO2 emissions.

Portuguese-registered cars in the UK are hard to find, but we often receive offers from ex-pats returning from Portugal who are eager to sell their cars. As a consequence, we advise our customers to register their UK-registered LHD cars in Portugal if we cannot provide them with the perfect car in Portugal. Here are the details you need.

The company has sold countless cars to PORTUGAL and facilitated hundreds of deliveries there. Deliveries to the ALGARVE and PORTO and LISBOA cost 150 GBP and 300 GBP, respectively. We can cover your car purchase with the UK distance sales regulations if you purchase it through our sales and registration scheme.

What are the advantages of choosing MY LHD CAR PORTUGAL?

We strongly recommend that you consider importing the UK registered Left-Hand Drive car from us. Portugal's registration is rather complicated and time-consuming. Our UK sales and registration scheme is available here. Simply click HERE to visit this page.

Furthermore, we encourage all of our customers to purchase a Left Hand Drive car in Portugal via MY LHD CAR for the hassle-free sales scheme, which includes free registration, insurance, and tax assistance. Follow the link to discover what LHD cars we currently have in stock, on British or Portuguese plates. A large number of LHD vehicles are available on the continent.


Handling of registration, transfer and de-registering of your vehicle

Vehicles collected from customers address in the UK or European

Purchases throughout the Balearics

Light Commercial vehicles considered

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Left hand drive car buyers Portugal left hand drives plc


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Sell Portugal registered left hand drive car to UK dealers

There are Portuguese cars available in the UK. In reality, there is no easy way to do it: you'll have to keep a close eye on all of the sites above and watch for those with Portuguese plates.

Most LHD cars with plates in the UK will have either French, UK, or Spanish plates. Then there are cars from central and eastern European countries (e.g. Germany and Belgium), as well as vehicles from the Americas (e.g. Brazil and Italy). There are occasional Portuguese-registered cars, but they are very few and far between. You can expect to spend a few months searching if this was what you were specifically looking for.

Portugal left hand drive car owners can sell there cars in uk

What do I need to do when importing my car into Portugal?

The European Union requires you to import your foreign consigned car into another country if you're spending more than six months there. Unfortunately, many ex-pats living in Portugal (and other European countries like France and Spain) do not speak the language.

At the very least, you should be covered by liability insurance. Whether you purchase it or not is up to you. The insurance company you choose is most likely to be a UK car insurance provider if you have a UK-registered car.

It's difficult to select an insurance provider at random. A few specialist insurance brokers and Saga (for over 50s) are the only companies that offer an annual coverage limit for Europe.

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In most cases, this won't be a problem if you live almost half the year in the UK. It is suggested that you choose either Saga or a partner firm for your car insurance if you plan on spending a long time outside of the UK.