Can you drive left hand drive cars in uk

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Can you drive left hand drive cars in uk?

Yes, that is the short answer. The United Kingdom permits you to legally drive a left-hand drive vehicle even though it is more convenient to own and operate a vehicle that features a right-hand steering wheel.

There are, however, a few things to keep in mind when shopping for a left-hand drive car. Here is what you should know:

Do I require special insurance for left-hand drive vehicles?

Right-hand drive cars (RHD), as well as left-hand drive (LHD) cars, are covered by the same policy. So you will have the option to select third-party and comprehensive insurance policies that offer coverage for a range of events such as theft and fire.

Additionally, you should have no difficulty finding car insurance coverage, since the number plate of your vehicle will be able to determine whether it is left-hand drive or right-hand drive.

If, however, your vehicle is a rare import with LHD, you may find your insurer choice limited but this is mainly due to the fact that it is a specialist automobile rather than being left-hand drive.

Make sure you practice driving in a quiet place

Driving a left-hand drive car on UK roads is very different from driving a right-hand drive one, largely because you’ll be closer to the curb. Most people will instinctively tend to drift towards the center of the road since that is where they are accustomed to being closer to, but this could block oncoming traffic.

You should avoid this temptation, and one good way to do so is to familiarize yourself with how your left-hand drive car works before taking it on a busy road. It is best to practice on roads that are more discrete or at times when there is little to no traffic.

What is the cost of insurance for left-hand-drive vehicles?

Car insurance costs for a left-hand-drive automobile are likely to be higher, especially if the automobile is imported.

Automobiles imported from other countries are usually seen as more desirable and therefore more attractive to thieves.

The process of repairing an accident may be more difficult. There may be difficulty finding parts and you may need to import them.

It may also be necessary to locate a specialist to perform the repairs, as not all garages will be able to repair imported cars.

Is it possible to sell a left-hand car in the United Kingdom?

Selling a left-hand drive car in the UK should not differ from selling one that is right-hand drive. If you wish to sell the car privately, please make sure that the advertisement indicates it is a left-hand drive – remember, you will also have to provide the new owner with the correct paperwork.

It is also possible to find car dealers who specialize in buying and selling LHD cars. If you select this option, all the paperwork will be handled by the company on your behalf as well. Consider that selling your car privately may return you a greater return than selling it to a dealer.

Are there any special documents I need to obtain for a left-hand-drive car?

For motor insurance, as with any other vehicle, you will need a certificate.

You will have to obtain individual vehicle approval if you wish to import your left hand drive vehicle.

Make sure you keep any relevant documents related to your no-claims bonus (NCB) if you will not be purchasing a second car. Your no-claims bonus for a second vehicle will most likely start at zero.

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