Selling your left hand drive can be a tough task, people are not always use to driving a car from the wheel being on the left hand side, especially in the UK where the population is all mostly use to a right hand drive car. However, In most parts of Europe that’s not the case. In uk left hand drives Plc are actually an antique of a site now days and really did not take off, with big brands such as Vauxhall and Range Rover coming in with Right hand wheels the left hand drive stood no chance. The few classy individuals that did own left hand drives would also start converting soon due to rise in costs of modification vehicles (how the uk sees a left hand drive). Western European countries such as France, Spain, Italy, Germany and Denmark own a lot of left hand drive cars but still find it hard to get a full value that is deserved for the vehicle itself and For all these reasons we have put together a quick guide on how to sell your left hand drive car.

How to sell a left hand drive in 10 easy steps

Start by entering your cars details into our online form here or call us directly on 07398 459523 (link the word here to the valuation form)

Use the ‘’tell us more’’ section to enter any specific details that you think we may need in order to set an exact quotation of your vehicle

We will take the information that you have provided us with and check all the details with the registration, accidents and roadside assistance databases

We will either call, message or email you an offer for your Left-Hand Drive car.

You will give us the go ahead if you are happy with our offer or let us know why you was not.

After negotiations we will pay a small deposit and setup an examine and collect date , location and time that suits you (all three will be done to suit your needs)

At the meetup whether its in the uk or Europe, we will probably want to take a small test drive with you and check under the hood of the LHD car quickly to make sure the car is up to standard to get back to our head office in the UK.

You will check the payment we make you (cash or bacs transfer in to an account)

All documents will be exchanged and keys collected for the vehicle

We can now part ways happy with each other’s services and hopefully live happily ever after