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A beautiful grey color lhd car in uk

Selling a left hand drive car in UK

When selling a left hand drive car in UK, you should know the basics from mot to dvla website. In the UK, there is little demand for LHD European cars and selected suppliers hold most of these customers in there loyal database. If your vehicle is a basic European model, it is most likely to be equipped with an EU license plate (otherwise some of the following might not be applicable to you). Selling a left hand drive car has never been easier with Left hand drives plc

What you can do is:

  • Consider advertising it online. Someone might be interested in buying it (usually for parts) or a custom client
  • You can find a good left hand drive car dealer to take the headache for you (lefthanddrives.com can do this for you)
  • Make sure your MOT is passed with DVLA
  • Hold all paperwork of previous owners

How to sell left hand drive car in uk?

DVLA registration is required, and the vehicle needs to be used regularly in the UK. Mot Pass is another very important factor for uk lhd car selling (assuming it is in good repair and would pass on its own without modification), make sure the car is clean in and out and try to get a small valet before putting it up for sale. Remember 2 main things that you will need to think about,

1) car registration number and

2) transfer of ownership papers and in-case you don't want to take the headache of all this you can use our team to sell the lhd car in uk

  • what if my car is still registered in a European country away from the uk?

Driving a car that is not registered to you in the UK is only possible if you are a foreign national. Upon settling in the UK, you will be considered a resident. Therefore, you won't be able to drive an out-of-the-UK vehicle across the border (though the majority will not mind until you obtain a driving license in the UK). let the professional car buyers take care of your vehicle.


Buying and selling left-hand-drive vehicles may also be available from many car dealers. This option allows the company to handle all your paperwork for you. Think about selling your car privately rather than through a dealer if you want a higher return on your investment.