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Left hand drive buyers UK

In addition to buying Left Hand Drive vehicles regardless of age, country of origin, mileage, or condition, We Want Any LHD also buys Right Hand Drive vehicles. The service we provide allows you to sell your LHD vehicle in a fast and convenient manner, as we will collect the vehicle from your home for free.

Our experience in purchasing LHD vehicles for over 15 years allows us to ensure you will receive the best possible price for your vehicle.

Our services are quick, simple, and straightforward

The aim of www.Lefthanddrives.co.uk is to ensure that you receive the best price for your LHD vehicle, regardless of its age or condition. As opposed to other web-based buyers, there are no hidden admin fees with us, so what you are quoted is what you will receive.

How to get left hand drive buyers UK?

You may fill out our quotation request form to receive the best price for your vehicle.

Portugal, as well as other European countries such as Spain and France, are notoriously expensive for new and pre-owned cars, and as a result, many people choose to save money by purchasing LHD cars in the UK and importing them to Portugal.

One of the advantages of purchasing a second-hand LHD car in the UK is that the cost is usually lower than in Portugal. There are many LHD dealerships in England, but it remains a very specialized market. A large number of LHD vehicles arriving in the UK are brought in by ex-pats returning to live in the country, or continental Europeans moving to the country for employment. Sellers typically wish to sell both for the purpose of acquiring a right-hand drive.

However, the downside is the difficulty (and often high cost) of importing the car. It is discussed in more detail in another article; however, the main point here is that you ought to decide if it is more affordable to import a car or to simply purchase a car in Portugal.

Buying in the United Kingdom has many benefits

There are still further benefits if you choose to purchase a left-hand drive car prior to moving to France if you are not inclined to use tongs during your stay. The first consideration is a financial one. Many UK left-hand drive showrooms will accept your RHD as a part exchange. Despite this, options 2 and 3 in the list above are unlikely to be accepted, as most of their possible customers are French and are unfamiliar with driving RHD cars.

Also, consider the fact that if you purchase an LHD from a UK dealer and decide that you would rather have it delivered than drive it there yourself, you will incur a cost, probably greater than £550.

The best place to buy an LHD car in the UK

When purchasing a vehicle, as with most other purchases, you can start your search online so that you can see what is available and what kind of price you can expect to pay. A number of specialists in LHD cars have websites with information about their automobile showrooms. These include Left Hand Drive Place, LHD Car Supermarket, Left hand drives Plc LHD Sales, RHD and LHD Car Showroom London RHD and LHD Center.

When it comes to buying a car in Spain for a new life, it comes down to taste, preference, and finances.

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