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man selling left hand drive car to lhd car dealer

Selling a left hand drive car

All makes and models of left-hand drive vehicles are accepted. We will pick up your vehicle from any location in England, Scotland, Ireland, or Wales. As a result of our frequent travels to continental Europe, France, Spain, Belgium, Italy, etc., we regularly import left hand drive cars from our customers. We have years of experience with the legal documents needed for the exchange of ownership from various countries.

Our experienced drivers have been driving across Europe for many years, so we will simply fly into any European airport and make our way to your location, so it can be as easy as that.

In the UK, selling a left-hand drive car shouldn't differ from selling one with right-hand drive. If you choose to sell it privately, ensure your advertisement makes it clear that it is a left-hand drive car - don't forget, you will need to ensure the new owner has all the relevant documentation.

Alternatively, there are several car dealers specializing in buying and selling LHD vehicles. You may find this to be a simpler option since they will handle all the documentation on your behalf as well. It is important to remember that selling your car privately may result in a higher return than selling it to a dealer.

What to consider when selling a left hand drive car?

We pride ourselves on the fact that we place our customers first, listening to their needs and understanding them. We understand that you, our customers, have a busy life at work and at home, so we work to accommodate these demands. Viewing and collecting are available at any time and anywhere, whether at home, at work, or in any city. If Sunday is your only available day, do not worry.

As well as viewing and collecting vehicles on Sundays, we have a strong understanding of our customers' needs, and you, our customers, are our most important priority.

Tips for driving a left-hand drive car in the United Kingdom

Besides insurance and import paperwork, there are some practical considerations you should keep in mind when driving an LHD vehicle in the UK:

Overtaking — If you are overtaking a conventional RHD vehicle, it is easy to see the oncoming traffic. In an LHD car, your field of vision is significantly reduced. In order to overtake safely, keep a distance from the vehicle in front of you, increasing the amount of traffic you see approaching.

Headlamps — A LHD import should have its headlamps adapted so they do not dazzle oncoming vehicles. This is an easy task that shouldn't cost a lot of money. It is possible that you will be fined if you fail to make the changes.

Speed in mph — Unless your vehicle originates from the EU, it will measure speed in kilometers rather than miles per hour. Make sure that you are familiar with the equivalent speed limits in the United Kingdom (for instance, 64kph is roughly 40mph).

Lane control — When you are driving a left-hand drive car in a right-hand lane, it may cause disorientation and you may drift out of your lane.

Drive-throughs — In the UK, drive-throughs and ticket machines are designed for right-hand drive cars, which can make them difficult and inconvenient if you have a left-hand drive vehicle. As long as you have a passenger with you, it is fairly easy to get around. If not, you will need a grabber or a bit of patience. other good reads include '' sell lhd cars '' , we buy left hand drive cars , dealers of lhd cars and uk car buyers