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Left hand drive car buyers uk

Is it possible to drive a left-hand-drive car in the United Kingdom?

Yes, that is the short answer. Even though steering wheels on right-hand-drive cars are more conventional, you can legally drive a left-handed vehicle in the United Kingdom.

You should not have any problems searching for car insurance either due to the fact that insurers can determine whether your vehicle is LHD or RHD by looking at its number plate.

To that end, here are some factors to consider, if you are interested in buying a car with left-hand drive:

Is there an insurance policy specific to left-hand drive cars?

There is no difference between coverage for left-hand drive (LHD) cars and right-hand drive (RHD) cars. Regardless, you'll still have the option of choosing third-party or comprehensive policies. They cover a variety of events, including theft and fire damage.

You could find that your choice of insurer will be limited if your car is a local import with LHD, regardless of whether it's left or right hand drive.


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Left hand drive car buyers uk left hand drives plc

It is believed that people in the United Kingdom have been traveling on the left of the road for thousands of years. What is the reason? When you are facing the left, the right hand of your sword is ready to act defensively. It was possible that the country was lawless back then. As a result, castle staircases spiral left as you descend; to defend your home with the right hand, it is easier to stab downwards. if you are in UK, spain, france, germany, italy or any other western europe country, please feel free to give us a call or fill out the same day valuation form to speak to a representative. Scotland lhd cars and wales left hand drive car owners are also welcome to contact our team for help in selling the lhd car.


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Welcome in Left hand drives Plc - Left hand drive car buyers uk

With us, you avoid the hassles of people failing to show up for appointments, time-wasters arriving at your door, and potential damage to your vehicle whilst on a test drive. Buying privately and advertising can be very expensive and may make it difficult to sell quickly. Our guarantee provides that we will buy your vehicle regardless of its model, age, condition, running or not running, petrol or diesel, high or low mileage, private, fleet, or trade-in.

What does it mean to drive on the left in England?

The reason for this practice dates back thousands of years. It has to do with keeping the sword hand free when you use it.

In the Middle Ages, when traveling on horseback you did not know who you would encounter. As most people are right-handed, if a stranger approached on your right, you would be able to use your sword if necessary with your right hand. (In a similar fashion, medieval castle staircases twisted clockwise going upwards, so that defenders could cut around the twist, but an attacker (going up the staircase) would not be able to.)

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UK left hand drive car owners can sell there cars in UK

A left-hand drive car should be treated no differently from one that is right-hand drive in the United Kingdom. Make sure your advert explains that it's a right-hand drive car. Don't forget to send all the relevant paperwork to the new owner if you choose to sell it privately.

Alternatively, cars available in LHD can be bought and sold from a large number of dealers. They'll take care of all the paperwork for you as well, so this can be a simpler option. Consider selling your vehicle privately rather than through a dealer, as you may receive a better return.

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What else should I do?

Make sure that the headlights are pointing in the correct direction. In order to avoid dazzling oncoming traffic, car headlights are offset. It is no different with left-hand drive cars in that they will require headlamp adapters in order to drive legally in Europe. It is possible for your insurance to be invalidated if you do not meet these requirements.

You should keep in mind that as a driver, you will be positioned in a different location, further from the center of the road. As a result, it is extremely important to make sure you do not drift too far right in the lane, especially if you are more familiar with driving a right-hand drive car.

No matter the make, age, condition, or origin country of your left hand drive car, we'll buy it.

Here you will find all used LHD cars for sale in the United Kingdom and used LHD London! We have cash available! Our service is available seven days a week, with instant cash payouts at fair rates for LHD cars. With Left hand drives Plc you can sell your left-hand drive car in the safest and easiest way. Our service is 100% free. Our valuation and collection services are free of charge.

We are happy to assist you with selling your Left Hand Drive car for free: +447398459523

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