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Left hand drive cars in UK

What is the purpose of driving a right-hand car on the left?

Traditionally, people in the UK drove on the left-hand side of the road long before cars were invented. Exactly why? You can defend yourself by stabbing defensively with your right hand if needed if you are standing on the left. There was a possibility that things back then were lawless. The same reason that castle stairways curve to the left as you descend is to make it easier to defend your castle with the right hand while stabbed downwards.

Carts were driven on the left-hand side of the road in Roman times, and the soldiers of the empire marched on the left as well. As a result of Rome's influence, these norms quickly spread throughout the world. In the 19th century, British law ensured that horse-drawn carriages were to be driven on the left, and drivers sat on the right in order to better determine the distance to oncoming traffic. Many countries in the 18th and 19th centuries employed large wagon trains, including the United States, and the driver would often sit on the rear-left horse in order to free his right whip hand. Because this made judging oncoming traffic more difficult, many countries adopted the keep right policy.

The value of classic and supercars is less if they are on the left side here in the UK, and many classic car dealers do not stock LHD cars because of a lack of demand.

How to left hand drive cars in UK?

There is no reason why LHD cars should be significantly cheaper in the UK than RHD cars.

LHD in markets outside the United Kingdom. LHD has a greater volume market than RHD, however far fewer RHD vehicles were made, making them rarer. Privately importing a car into a different market from the United Kingdom is a challenging process.

There has been an influx of left hand drive car buyers and classic cars in the UK because the market for such vehicles in their countries is hard to find.

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You must ensure the headlights are pointing in the right direction. There is an offset between the headlights of automobiles to prevent blinding oncoming traffic. Just as cars in the UK require stickers when traveling to Europe, so left-hand drive vehicles must be equipped with headlamp adapters in order to operate legally in Europe. Your insurance may not be valid or you may face a fine if you do not meet the requirements.

Remember that you will be in a different position on the road than the driver, which means that you will be farther from the center of the roadway. It is particularly important not to drift too far right on purpose, particularly if you are accustomed to driving a right-hand drive vehicle. Additionally, taking overtaking with your left hand should be undertaken with caution since being on the left makes it more difficult to see oncoming traffic. If your car's speedometer is based on kilometers-per-hour rather than miles per hour, be sure to know your conversion rates to ensure you do not exceed the limit. Other good reads include left hand drive dealers , we buy left hand drive cars , sell lhd cars