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We Buy All LHD Porsche Left Hand Drives

At LHD PLC we accept many car models and the LHD Porsche is one of them, whether you are stationed in France, UK, Spain, Germany, Scotland, Italy, Portugal, and Wales, we will arrange a view and collection from the UK to you. If the Car meets our immediate needs we will purchase rite away with an upfront deposit payment for your time.

Types of LHD Porsche Cars (models)

Porsche's top five best-selling cars worldwide is the Panamera with 20,275 units. Globally, there were 15,916 Boxsters and Caymans sold. Sales of 51,615 cars in the U.S. were Porsche's most significant contributor to sales growth in September. The increase is 30 percent over last year's same period.

LHD Porsche

Left hand drive LHD Porsche

Some of the most resounding models in the company's modern history include the 718 BOXSTER/CAYMAN, 911, CAYENNE, MACAN, PANAMERA, TAYCAN.

More than double the number of Taycans were sold in the same last year, making the car the best-selling products non-SUV in LHD Porsche Cars North America's lineup. With 6,729 sales in 2021's first nine months, the 911 lands comfortably in fourth. During the first three quarters of 2021, only the Panamera sold less in the U.S. We sold 2,806 units, a 10 percent decrease.

Origin of LHD Porsche

Porsche is regarded as one of the greatest car marques of all time. There's no car more legendary and long-lived than the Porsche 911, produced by the German company since 1948. Despite the competition, Porsche has stayed on top with supercars like the 918 Spyder and GT3 RS, luxury cars like the Panamera and Cayenne, and performance vehicles like the Panamera R. Porsche is still the leader in performance and technology. In addition, Porsche is a racing car manufacturer, which has given the company trophies that rival anyone else's.

LHD Porsche car with left hand wheel

We're Porsche crazy at JBR Capital. That's why we figured we'd make a Stuttgart supercars guide. Porsche has a lot to say, so we covered everything from factual to historical to mechanical. You'll probably enjoy it, but don't forget to tell your friends. Please use the form at the bottom of the page to get your copy of our exhaustive model-by-model guide.