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We Buy All LHD Ferrari Left Hand Drives

At LHD PLC we accept many car models and the LHD Ferrari is one of them, whether you are stationed in France, UK, Spain, Germany, Scotland, Italy, Portugal, and Wales, we will arrange a view and collection from the UK to you. If the Car meets our immediate needs we will purchase rite away with an upfront deposit payment for your time.

Types of LHD Ferrari (Models)

You can't get right-hand drive on the new Ferrari (or the next-generation supercar that will replace it). Ferrari's top-line and hottest models probably won't have steering wheels on the right in the future. According to Ferrari Australasia boss Herbert Appleroth, who's got a say in some of the Italian icon's biggest RHD markets. RetroFitTM has been designed for a 1979 Ferrari 308 LHD with heat-only factory controls. RetroFitTM kits have every component specially designed or chosen to fit your car. We have put together a kit that consists of everything you need for installing air conditioning in a classic Ferrari 308 LHD.

LHD Ferrari

Left hand drive LHD Ferrari

Our 1979 Ferrari 309 LHD kit is the only one with a complete engine compartment system, and we have many options. Some of the most resounding models in the company's modern history include the 812 SUPERFAST, PORTOFINO, ROMA, MONZA SP1, MONZA SP2, F8, SF90 STRADALE, Daytona SP3.

Our kits come with step-by-step instructions, and you can customize them to fit your needs. There are no special tools needed, and every system comes with the best warranty around.

Origin of LHD Ferrari

In Maranello, Italy, Ferrari S.p.A. makes luxury sports cars. In 1939, Enzo Ferrari started Auto Avio Costruzioni as a race division within Alfa Romeo. In 1940, it built its first car, and in 1947, it produced the first Ferrari.

Fiat bought Ferrari in 1969 and has grown to 90% stake since 1988. Ferrari S.p.A., the car maker's flagship brand, was announced to be being separated from FCA in October 2014. FCA had 90% ownership of Ferrari as of the announcement.

LHD Ferrari car with left hand wheel

Following the restructuring of the Ferrari S.p.A. group in October 2015, Ferrari N.V. (a Netherlands-based holding company) was the new holding company, followed by FCA selling 10% shares in an IPO and simultaneously listing shares on the NYSE. After the separation, FCA continued to own a 10% stake in Ferrari's business, with the remaining 10% going to Ferrari shareholders. On 3 January 2016, Ferrari's business was split up.