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We Buy All LHD Vauxhall Left Hand Drives

At LHD PLC we accept many car models and the LHD Vauxhall is one of them, whether you are stationed in France, UK, Spain, Germany, Scotland, Italy, Portugal, and Wales, we will arrange a view and collection from the UK to you. If the Car meets our immediate needs we will purchase rite away with an upfront deposit payment for your time.

Types of LHD Vauxhall Cars (models)

The Vauxhall brand is behind some of the most significant vehicles on the road. There's so much choice, and it's hard to pick the right model car. We've got you covered if you're trying to decide between a Corsa or an Astra, Crossland or Grandland, or just curious about what makes a Mokka so unique. You can check out more about the cars in the side menu if you don't care about the illustrious history of Vauxhall.

LHD Vauxhall

Left hand drive LHD Vauxhall

Some of the most resounding models in the company's modern history include the




Grandland X,








Origin of LHD Vauxhall

Alexander Wilson started the company in 1857 in Vauxhall, London. Vauxhall Iron Works was initially called Alex Wilson and Company, and it made pumps and marine engines. Company engineers built the company's first car in 1903, a five-horsepower model with a tiller steering, no reverse gear, and two forward gears. These improvements led to better designs available for purchase.

In 1905, the company moved its manufacturing to Luton to expand. Vauxhall Motors was renamed Vauxhall Motor Works in 1907 when that name was dropped. Before the First World War, the company was known for its sporting models, but afterward, it designed more austere models.

LHD Vauxhall car with left hand wheel

Fulk le Breant, a mercenary who served King John in the thirteenth century, is credited with granting the Manor of Luton to Fulk le Breant, who also designed the griffin emblem, which is still used today. In addition, he got the rights to some land near London, south of the Thames. He built a house called Fulk's Hall that became Vauxhall. This emblem was adopted by Vauxhall Iron Works to emphasize its local links. Interestingly, the griffin emblem returned to its ancestral home when Vauxhall Iron Works moved to Luton in 1905.