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We Buy All LHD Honda Left Hand Drives

At LHD PLC we accept many car models and the LHD Honda is one of them, whether you are stationed in France, UK, Spain, Germany, Scotland, Italy, Portugal, and Wales, we will arrange a view and collection from the UK to you. If the Car meets our immediate needs we will purchase rite away with an upfront deposit payment for your time.

Types of LHD Honda (Models)

There are several Honda Type R models, each with unique performance features.

Originally, Type R models were made to perform in race conditions (engine tuning, suspension set-up), emphasizing minimizing weight. This is why they were built for racetracks in the first place. Honda, however, started focusing more on VTEC and Type R vehicles ended up attracting a much broader audience. As an homage to their first winning F1 car, Type Rs come with red badges and Championship White paint. Red Honda badges are often seen on Honda racing and F1 cars. Acura used Type R for their high-performance cars, rebranded as Type-S.

LHD Honda

Left hand drive LHD Honda

Originally introduced in 1997, the Acura Type R only came with air conditioning in the US. Championship White was the only color in the US in 1997 and 1998. Despite not being available in 1999, the Type R returned in 2000 and remained until 2001. Flamenco Black Pearl ('00) and Nighthawk Black Pearl ('01) were available in 2000 and 2001. Some of the most resounding models in the company's modern history include the BRIO, CITY HATCHBACK, CIVIC HATCHBACK, FIT/JAZZ/LIFE, ACCORD/INSPIRE, AMAZE, City 1996 (as a sedan), CIVIC SEDAN/INTEGRA, CRIDER Crider, ENVIX, INSIGHT, ELYSION, FREED, MOBILIO.

Origin of LHD Honda

Since 1959, Honda has been the world's biggest motorcycle manufacturer, producing more than 400 million motorcycles a year by the end of 2019. It's also the most significant internal combustion engine manufacturer, producing more than 14 million internal combustion engines a year. Since 2001, Honda has been the second-biggest Japanese automaker. In 2015, Honda had the eighth biggest automaker in the world.

LHD Honda car with left hand wheel

Introducing Acura in 1986, Honda became the first Japanese automaker to introduce a luxury brand. Honda makes more than cars and motorcycles. They also make garden equipment, marine engines, personal watercraft, and generators. In 2000, Honda released its first robot, ASIMO, based on artificial intelligence/robotics. In addition to aerospace, they've got GE Honda Aero Engines and a HondaJet, the HA-420. Dongfeng Honda and Guangqi Honda are two Honda joint ventures in China.